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Controlled Maintenance Technology

Measurement- and diagnostic services

CMT Solutions Oy

CMT Solutions Oy, is a 2002 founded, impartial expert service company.

With our company services, we create better conditions for our customers to improve the process runnability, maintainability, and product quality.

The target of our services is always to better the clients:

Cost effectiveness


Technical performance

Product quality

Our expertise is based on the high professional skill of our personnel and over 30 years of experience in process industry.

Our expertise, together with up-to-date measurement- and inspection equipment, guarantee the high quality of our service and customer satisfaction.

Our services support the functions of the clients own production, maintenance and R&D.


When you need specialist to determine and improve the mechanical condition, runnability or properties of your machines or devices, or if you need impartial clarification of a system’s functionality, CMT Solutions’ personnel are here for you.