Acceptance tests

Acceptance tests

An impartial acceptance test carried out with the introduction of a new device or system simplifies and clarifies customer and supplier negotiations on responsibilities and obligations during and after the warranty period.

CMT Solutions offers impartial acceptance tests, where it is determined with tests and measurements, if the device or system fulfills the terms and conditions determined in the contract of the delivery.

The scope of the acceptance test depends on the purchased device / system and the terms of the contract of the delivery. Vibration levels are the most common properties determined with measurements and tests, but such properties can also include:

  • Bearing currents
  • Movement speeds
  • Force
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Noise

The acceptance test report includes the clarification and measurement results determining which terms and conditions of the contract of delivery are met and which are not.

EN ISO 5199:2002 Maximum allowable vibration severity
Pump arrangement Pump type Maximum values of r.m.s. vibration velocity, mm/s
h = 225 h > 225
Pump with rigid support Horizontal pumps 3,0 4,5
Pump with flexible support Horizontal pumps 4,5 7,1
All Vertical pumps 7,1