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1. Determinations of the mechanical condition:
We offer a service to determine the mechanical condition and maintenance needs
of rotating equipment on the process line. The assignment can be either a one-time
event or regular assessments, better known as condition monitoring.

Achieved benefits;
 • Improved reliability of the process line
 • Minimized risk of unscheduled shutdowns
 • Better planning and achievement of maintenance works (spare parts, resources,
2. Structural analysis:
Structural analysis will search for the right solutions for successful and cost-effective
renewal and production-increasing of the process line.
The structural analysis consists of vibration studies and tests to be done at the mill,
supported by theoretical studies.
The vibration properties and vibration behavior of structures and components will be
determined as well as their suitability for the present and target speed ranges.

Achieved benefits:
 • Easier and more cost-effective planning and achievement of process line renewal
 • Determination of the modification and renewal needs of structures and individual
 • Investments in the right targets
 • Empirical facts for the equipment supplier’s research and development
Vibration measurement services

Vibration measurement is still the most reliable and the fastest method to determine the mechanical condition of rotating elements as well as vibration properties and vibration behaviors of large structures and individual components.

Our vibration services can be divided into two main categories according to the targets of study:
 1. Determinations of the mechanical condition and condition monitoring
 2. Structural analysis