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Acceptance tests

CMT Solutions offers impartial acceptance tests in which measurements are used to determine if a device or system covers all properties and terms mentioned in a contract for delivery.

Achieved benefits;
 •  Help negotiations concerning responsibilities and duties between the client and supplier and clarifies
    their actions taking place during and after the guarantee period of a new device or system.
 •  Ensure before the acquisition of the final payment that a new device/system meets its specified
    properties and terms.
 •  Documented testing and measurement results of the characteristics, functioning and potential
    limitations of a device/system.
 •  Basic information for product development

Characteristics to be examined are dependent on the main functions of a device or system.
The most typical properties to be measured and verified are;

 •  Vibrations
 •  Movement speed
 •  Force
 •  Pressure
 •  Temperature
 •  Noise