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Problem solving

Disturbance and faults in a production process, mechatronic device or single structure create problems in the runnability, productivity and product quality and degrade the reliability of a process.

It is often difficult to identify a problem because it might develop gradually or it has become a problem that is “lived with”.
Often problem-solving requires special measuring equipment and know-how.

In many cases, the problems in the production process are caused by defects in any of the following issues:

 • Dimensioning (dynamic, static, thermal or capacity)
 • Control (parameterization, the control loop characteristics, component faults, etc.)
 • Quality (manufacturing, material, etc.)
 • Design (components, structure, etc.)
 • Maintenance (lubrication, assembly, service, etc.)

Our business is based on years of experience with a wide variety of different problems in different plants. Our experience and technical know-how together with versatile measuring and test equipment enable fast and economical problem solving.

The problem-solving process:

Problem solving typically proceeds as follows

 • Interviews with the company’s production and maintenance staff
 • Results analysis of the preventive maintenance and condition monitoring system
 • On-site measurements and studies to pinpoint a problem
 • Additional measurements and studies on site
 • Analysis of measurement results
 • A final report including a recommended course of action and its justification in order to solve the problem


In order to demonstrate that our work is high-quality and productive, we offer a Problem Resolution Guarantee.
If for some reason we are unable to resolve a task that we have taken on, we do not charge our customer for the work performed, but only for fixed costs.