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Condition analysis services

The functioning, mechanical condition and performance of all process devices and components will degrade over time.

Often these changes are not recognized, and the knowledge to link them to quality and runnability problems or increased material costs of the process line is missing.

The best and most profitable method for minimizing the problems mentioned above is regularly performed, tailor-made condition analysis of process devices and components.

We offer condition analysis for targets whose operating principle or special features require special know-how, experience or testing and analysis tools not always found in a maintenance organization.

The generic term for these process devices is ‘mechatronics devices’. Mechatronics is an engineering field that combines the mechanical design, electrical automation, hydraulics and/or pneumatics of a machine into a single entity (e.g. the paper machine press).

Examples of our condition analyses:
 • Condition analysis of mechatronics
   - Fabric stretchers and guiders
   - Press, coating station and calender loading systems
   - Fabric and paper web tension measurement systems

 • NDT inspections
   - Crack inspections of suction roll shell
   - Crack inspections of structures and components
   - Corrosion inspections of frames

 • Improved reliability of the process line
 • Minimized risk of unscheduled shutdowns
 • Improved moisture profile of a paper web
 • Energy savings
 • Longer service life of wires and felts