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Maintenance development
Maintenance challenges have increased and international competition has tightened. The most notable challenges focused on trouble-free manufacturing processes, effectiveness of preventive maintenance, staff expertise, motivation and resources in addition to co-operation between production and maintenance.

CMT Solutions has extensive experience with maintenance facilities, including preventive maintenance, work planning, service, repairing and implementations.

We offer our clients maintenance development services, in which our know-how and experiences are joined with those of the clients in order to develop existing maintenance processes for a more profitable facility.

We offer development projects for the following areas;
  - Preventive maintenance
  - Lubrication services
  - Operation and condition monitoring
  - Collection of the Meta data and field surveys for maintenance data processing systems
Our company has experience with the following maintenance data processing systems;
  - Maintenance data systems (Arttu, SAP, PowerMaint, Maximo)
  - Control and data systems of lubrication services (Shell, Mobil)
  - Condition monitoring systems (Sensodec, CSI, Microlog)