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Product development


Vibration studies showed that corrective actions should be directed at the following issues:
 - Improve the damping properties of the pump unit by vibration absorbers (the electric motor and pump)
 - Isolate the pipes from the frames with the dampers
 - Increase the frame stiffness in the X/Y direction

After modifications the vibration levels of the pump unit fulfilled the demanding limit values of the standard.

The machine manufacturer was delivering pump units to the target with the requirement to fulfill extremely demanding vibration limit values based on the military standard MIL-STD-740 (30.12.1988).

During the test trials, the manufacturer discovered that while they knew the demands would not be fulfilled, they did not know how to solve the problem.

Vibration analysis
CMT Solution carried out a vibration analysis of the pump unit. Vibration analysis consists of the following studies:

 - During the normal pump processing, the vibration exciters and vibration responses
   were measured
 - Operational deflection shapes were determined (ODS)
 - Natural frequency measurements
 - Modal analysis

Vibration levels remarkably exceeded the limit values of the standard, particularly at the lower frequency range.